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How to use Nepal Lipi font in Wordpress or any Generic Website?

November 9, 2020 | Shreejal Maharjan

Do you want to implement the Nepal Lipi font on your website? But don't know how to do so? No worries. Today, you will learn how to do so, using just 8 lines of code. (Don't worry, it's mostly just pictures)

How to add Nepal Lipi fonts on Wordpress websites.

Step 1- Log in to your Wordpress site as Admin.

This is one of the most important steps for the font to work flawlessly. You must be logged in as an admin to do this.

Step 2- Select Apperance from Menu.

From your left menu, select the appearance option. Then, proceed to step-3.

Step-3 Select Customize option from Appearance.

Step-4 Select Additional CSS in Customize Page

Step-5 Paste CSS

Once you are on the page with Additional CSS option, paste this code:

@font-face {
		font-family: NepalLipi;
* {
	font-family: NepalLipi!important;

Step-6 Publish the page.

Once you paste the code, select the Publish button.

Step-7 Convert text

Once you add the CSS to your WordPress site, your work is 99% completed but, your Devanagari Unicode won't display as Nepal Lipi font just yet. To display text as a Nepal Lipi font, you will need to convert your text. Luckily, you can do it using our Nepal Lipi Converter. Just paste your existing Devanagari text on our converter and select convert. Then, you can update the Devanagari text on your site with Nepal Lipi Unicode. To start using the converter click here.

Final Checklist for Wordpress sites.

  • Login to Admin Panel
  • Select Apperance
  • Select Customize
  • Select Additional CSS
  • Paste CSS
  • Publish page
  • Convert Text

How to add Nepal Lipi fonts on any Generic website.

Step-1 Edit your style.css file.

Login using your FTP manager and edit the style.css file. Then, proceed to step-2.

Step-2 Add the following css code to top.

@font-face {
		font-family: NepalLipi;
* {
	font-family: NepalLipi!important;

Step-3 Save the file

Once you have added the code, save the file and clear CDN cache (if needed).

Step-4 Text Conversion.

Once you have added the css code, you will need to convert Devanagari text to Nepal Lipi unicode. else, it won't work. luckily, you can convert the text using our converter found here.

Final Checklist for generic sites.

  • Login using FTP Manager
  • Select your CSS file
  • Edit it
  • Paste CSS code
  • Save file
  • Clear CDN cache (optional)
  • Convert Text