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[Almost Released] YouTube Video/Audio Downloader

Stream filter currently doesn't work properly

Please Note: This program is for personal use only. Downloading copyrighted material without permission is against YouTube's terms of services. By using this program, you are solely responsible for any copyright violations. We are not responsible for people who attempt to use this program in any way that breaks YouTube's terms of services.

Filter Streams

This tool allows you to download video or audio from YouTube's CDN servers directly.

It's simple, you just paste the YouTube video link and press on the Download button. Then, you will be presented with different Video/Audio streams. Then, you may click any quality/format you want to download.

This is because YouTube separates audio stream on higher quality videos. Right now, if you decide to use this tool and need higher quality video, you will have to manually merge the video and audio streams by Downloading both audio and video.

When you enter the download link and press Download, you are presented with a list of audio and video streams. The links that have "audio" in the link has audio and which don't, don't have audio. The title also shows the video quality and video format.

You might have your proxy turned on. Turn off your proxy before downloading.